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Why I'm Running

I am running for school committee because I care deeply about public education and am committed to helping our community move forward by building upon the strong foundation that Westwood has already worked so hard to develop.   I am an advocate for our children AND for our teachers.  I have experience developing collaborative relationships across the district over the last six years within three elementary schools and the Integrated Preschool. I am prepared to take the next step as a member of the Westwood School Committee.


Areas of Focus:

  • Prioritize academic rigor that prepares our students to become global citizens.  It is important that our children learn to question assumptions and make connections beyond the classroom. Through my experiences in higher education and corporate HR, I have seen first-hand the importance of balancing technical competency with interpersonal skills. These competencies are of the utmost importance when applying to colleges and moving into our global community.  I want to equip our teachers with the support and resources they need to help our students practice skills that will cultivate critical thinking, practical application and compassionate leadership.

  • Advocate for building inclusive and safe communities. All of us, especially our children, need to feel a sense of belonging and safety in order to thrive and succeed.  By empowering individuals who are neurodiverse, have disabilities and/or special needs, we can ensure that the developmental needs of ALL children are met. Through advocacy for my son, I have learned firsthand how to collaborate with our district, our teachers and the phenomenal special educators who work with our children.  I also carry with me important lessons shared by friends, and other parents of children with disabilities and special needs.

  • Support the mental-well being of our students and educators.  Mental health is a huge pre-pandemic issue that has worsened locally, across the state and nationally over the last two years. Schools are well-placed to address these ongoing issues and share the goal of equipping children for personal and academic success. I want to ensure that our community provides a healthy, supportive work environment for our teachers, allowing them to focus their energy and talents on what matters most - our students and their education. Our students and educators need continued support to be successful in this aspect of education. I plan to engage with the district to find ways we can assess and address mental health needs

  • Ensure that school policies clearly reflect our community values of diversity, equity and inclusion.  We live in a diverse world and need to foster an environment where all children and families feel, and truly are, welcome. This is in alignment with commitment statements made by our town select board, school district  and increasingly by leaders, businesses and educational entities across the nation. In the words of Arthur Chan “Diversity is a fact.  Equity is a choice.  Inclusion is an action.  Belonging is an outcome.” 

  • Strive for transparent, active community engagement about school funding. I recognize that the School Committee’s actions impact the entire community, not just school-aged families.  This means we need to strive for fiscal sustainability by retaining excellent educators and developing long range solutions for our aging structures. I operate with transparency and am always willing to listen. We might not always agree, but you will know where I stand and have an opportunity to share your perspective.

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