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Dick and Diane Henderson

Dear Westwood Friend,


We are writing to you to endorse Dorothy “Dori” Parmelee for the Westwood School Committee. Dori and her family have been our neighbors over the last 8 years. Our family is fifth generation Westwood residents, and our children attended Westwood Public Schools. They also now live in our town and our grandchildren are students in the Westwood Public School system. Our youngest sister Mary had Down Syndrome and benefited greatly from the special education program in the Westwood Schools. As a result of her schooling, she was able to lead a very active and fulfilling life. We are proud to have a family legacy within Westwood and over the years have seen many positive changes throughout the town, including our schools. 

Over the last eight years, we have come to know the Parmelee’s as caring and involved Westwood Citizens. Dori is very active within the schools, most recently serving as PTO President at Hanlon. Her husband has also volunteered as a Westwood Youth Soccer coach and Math League co-chair. Their children are polite, curious, kind and rarely miss an opportunity to say hello to neighbors. Their youngest son James is eight years old and is a firecracker! He loves cars and likes to joke with me about having a hot rod competition when he is older.

We are supporting Dori in her campaign because we know that she cares deeply about the Westwood community, our schools and special education. We know she will be a strong voice for students of all abilities. Her background in both education and human resources will be an asset to the existing board. Her commitment to education, community-building, and safe, inclusive schools will help to further the strong foundation we already have today. For all these reasons, I hope you will join me in giving Dori your vote for school committee April 26th (note: all voting will now take place at Westwood High School).

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Mandy Taft-Pearman

Westwood Parent of 3 children

The events of the last few years have made it abundantly clear just how important our public school district leadership is, not just in providing our kids with an excellent education, but in protecting their health and safety and in preparing them to be engaged citizens and leaders for our future. Knowing this, I am writing to express my enthusiastic support for Dori Parmelee’s candidacy for the Westwood School Committee. 

As a parent with three kids in the schools, I am compelled by Dori’s commitment to academic excellence, recognizing that to succeed on this goal for all kids means meeting them where they are and providing the support they need. I am inspired by her demonstrated dedication to our schools - she has been an active PTO and SEPAC parent volunteer, and helped rally support for the new Hanlon-Deerfield school. I am confident she will be an engaged and thoughtful member of the School Committee; she will be open to hearing a range of perspectives, and guided by what’s in the long-term interests of our kids and community. 

As a member of Westwood’s very small LGBTQ community, I am grateful for Dori’s commitment to inclusion, and her belief that Westwood needs to be a place where ALL families can see their kids learn, grow and thrive. Without a foundation of inclusivity, schools are not the places of opportunity we need them to be for all kids, INCLUDING our neurodiverse kids, our kids of color, our LGBTQ kids, etc.

As someone who helps run an organization professionally, I am excited about Dori’s expertise in spotting and recruiting talent, and her experience running her own business. Attracting, retaining, and developing the best educators is perhaps the most central determinant of what our district can accomplish. Dori will be distinctively able to contribute on this most critical topic. 

Please join me in supporting Dori in our April 26 election!


Nathan Lamont

Dear Westwood neighbors,


I am a father of two young boys in Westwood's excellent school system. I am normally not a vocal participant in politics, subscribing to the sentiment that "good fences make good neighbors," and letting my anonymous vote speak for me. This election in our small town, though, has compelled me to speak up, and give my full-throated endorsement to Dori Parmelee for Westwood School Committee.


Dori is a compassionate and loving mother, a fierce fighter for bettering her children's education, and has been deeply engaged with Westwood schools as a parent and as a president of Hanlon's PTO. She's an inspiring and strong communicator, and I have never known her to give less than her all in service to others.


More than this, and what has pushed me to raise my voice, is that I know her to be an advocate for and ally of disadvantaged voices, an open and honest defender of inclusion, and a reasoned believer in science. Disturbing laws in other states may seem far away, but in fact, today those same ideologies threaten to taint our highly rated and objectively superior school system. I hope you will join me in voting for Dori this April 26th — and perhaps raising your own voice, as well.


Ellen Larkin Rollings

Member, Westwood Planning Board

Dear Westwood Friends, 


As many folks know, I’ve been incredibly active in our community over the last several years. I have solid roots here and I’m a proud WHS graduate, Class of 1990. I care very deeply about this town, and all the things that make this town special. I know full well that serving our community is not only a huge honor, but also a huge responsibility. 


Dori Parmelee has earned my vote for Westwood School Committee.  She is kind, balanced, and understands how important listening is to successful working relationships. She is a proven leader and has a deep understanding of how to attract and retain top talent. Dori is well-suited to work with our teachers, staff, and parents collaboratively and productively, which is essential to ensuring that Westwood schools, and our children, excel. 


Dori devotes a great deal of her free time to volunteering and has a strong record of giving back to our community. She has enhanced the community by pioneering programs such as the annual Thanksgiving Food Drive competition between the Hanlon and Deerfield schools, which benefits the Westwood Food Pantry. When the COVID-19 pandemic struck us, Dori organized the “Westwood Together” sign effort, which raised money to fund air purifiers for Hanlon classrooms, and symbolically united us as a town during a frightening, tumultuous time. As treasurer for the Westwood Integrated Preschool, Dori was instrumental in obtaining grants which provided enrichment programs and new playground equipment for the preschool children. 


I have heard much talk recently about judging people by the content of their character; I agree wholeheartedly. Through the exceptional content of her character, Dori Parmelee has resoundingly earned my vote for a seat on our School Committee. I ask you to consider joining me in electing her to the board. Whomever you choose, please vote on April 26 - your voice needs to be heard.

Gail Clifford.jpeg

Gail Clifford

Retired WPS Teacher

Dear Westwood Friends, 

I am writing to enthusiastically endorse Dorothy “Dori” Parmelee in her candidacy for the Westwood School Committee. 

I met Dori during my 24-year tenure as a second-grade teacher at the Paul Hanlon Elementary School. Students and teachers at Hanlon are accustomed to working with Dori in various volunteer capacities at the school. Upon meeting her, I was immediately impressed by Dori’s positive energy and her commitment to education, students, and teachers.  Her face lit up when we talked about the collaborative nature of education. 

Dori has a rare combination of approachability and fierce commitment that allow her to work with diverse personalities and optimally serve the stakeholders of our education system.  Dori is skilled at making things happen and effecting change when change is needed; her important voice needs to be included on the Westwood Public School Committee.

I encourage you to cast your vote for Dori Parmelee on April 26th at Westwood High School. 


I’m excited to support Dori Parmelee for the Westwood School Committee!  I’ve known Dori for many years and know her to be a devoted mom who is very active and experienced in supporting our schools.  She has served in a number of leadership and volunteer positions, including as Hanlon PTO president, Integrated Preschool Treasurer, Library Volunteer, Room Parent, and SEPAC liaison. Through these roles, she has led efforts to improve the safety, accessibility, and vibrancy of the learning experience. She exemplifies service and devotion to the community, schools, and our children. Dori’s background in education and her professional leadership roles along with her steadfast commitment to advocating for our children will serve us well in the School Committee. Please join me in voting for Dori on April 26th!

Kerry Aglugub

Westwood Parent


Dr. Mary Lou McDonough


Educational Consultants of Boston

Dear Westwood Residents,

I am writing this letter to endorse Dori Parmelee for the position of School Committee Member.  I am a long-time resident of Westwood.  My three children attended Hanlon, Sheehan, and Martha Jones, as well as Westwood Middle and High Schools.  I was a special educator for over 40 years, working as a Resource Room Teacher and a Teacher of Students with Disabilities in the Seekonk Public Schools. Most recently, I worked as an Inclusion Specialist in the Weston Public Schools and served as Secretary on the Board of Directors for the Massachusetts Council for Exceptional Children.  I am currently an educational consultant. 

I came to know Dori and her family through a mutual friend and find her to be a devoted mother to her two sons David and James. She is committed to ensuring that they receive a rigorous education in a supportive community that reflects their family values.  She also wants this for your family and all the families in Westwood. When Dori faces a decision, she fully researches relevant information and considers all points of view. 

I am voting for Dori because I believe she has strong core values that guide her life and will guide her decision-making on our behalf to ensure that Westwood Public Schools will strive for excellence to support all areas of your child’s development.  Please join me in casting your vote for Dori Parmelee on April 26th at Westwood High School. 

Donate to the fund to elect Dorothy "Dori" Parmelee to Westwood School Committee

Donations go to efforts to hold events, get lawn signs up, and support get-out-the-vote efforts here in Westwood.

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